Current events:

MONDAY 11th May

 Children are expected to wear house colours: t-shirts, hair accessories, socks, hats etc.
o Rajkot-Red, Simla-Yellow, Amritsar-Green, Calcutta-Blue
 The Middle and Senior course begins on the field and ends on the top courts
 The Junior course begins and finishes on the top courts
 We will have a ‘spectator zone’ on the top playground next to the finish line for parents and supporters
 Postponement will be announced via twitter and the school website by 10:30am on the day
 Please do not park on Clark St 


1:00 Course marshal briefing in Rm 6 -
1:20 - Year 5 Boys
1:45 appx Year 2 Boys
Year 5 Girls
Year 3 Boys
Year 3 Girls
Year 6 Boys
Year 6 Girls
Year 4 Boys
Year 4 Girls
Year 2 Girls
Year 1 Boys
Year 2 Girls

This timetable is approximate and may change on the day

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